Image of a technician with a keyboard, representing our comprehensive vehicle inspection services at Holm’s Mechanical LTD., ensuring safety and compliance for all vehicles.

Government Inspection Facility and CVIP Vehicle Inspection at Holm’s Mechanical LTD., Delta BC

Welcome to Holm’s Mechanical LTD., your trusted government inspection facility and CVIP vehicle inspection center in Delta, BC. As a licensed inspection facility, we offer comprehensive inspections for various vehicle classes, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Our inspection services include:

  • Class 1 - Light Vehicles (cars & light trucks)
  • Class 2 - Heavy Vehicles (over 5500kg LGVW)
  • Class 3 - Trailers & Semi-trailers
  • Class 4 - Buses (10 seats or more)
  • Class 5 – School Buses
  • Vehicles with Pressure Fuel
  • Vehicles New to BC

Safety Inspection: Ensure your vehicle's safety with our thorough safety inspection, ideal for trips, long-distance journeys, or vehicles coming out of long-term storage.

Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection: Comply with BC government requirements with our efficient out-of-province vehicle inspection service, ensuring used vehicles from other provinces meet safety standards.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Whether buying or selling a used car, our pre-purchase vehicle inspection provides a detailed examination of mechanical and system performance, giving you peace of mind.

Commercial Inspection - CVSE: For commercial vehicles, our CVSE-certified inspectors provide mandatory safety inspections under the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP), ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Trust Holm’s Mechanical LTD. for reliable and efficient government inspections and CVIP vehicle inspections. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and ensure your vehicle meets safety standards.

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